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Porte Parole - Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center
Creation Residency March 20-31,2019

The project The Assembly  by Porte Parole Productions was chosen for the 2018 Creation Residency Program at The Clarice, University of Maryland.

On-site visits, meetings and auditions began in September 2018. 
The cast and support personnel will mount the first American episode of 'The Assembly' in March 2019. The production will be workshop presented at 7pm on March 29 and 30, 2019, at the Cafritz Theatre, The Clarice.

About The Assembly  :
Playwright Annabel Soutar teamed up with actors Alex Ivanovici and Brett Watson to create a thrilling theatrical response to the rise of extremism and tribalism in political discourse today.

The Assembly – Montreal examines call-out culture, identity politics, free speech and, most provocatively, the possibility that the time for listening to each other is over.

Since 2017, the play’s creative team has been curating and recording encounters in which four Canadians of wildly different ideological leanings face off and collectively confront the issues that most divide them. Directed by Chris Abraham (Siminovitch Prize winner), The Assembly – Montreal is based on a dinner held in December 2017 where four regular people with very different political views debated the issues of immigration and free speech. The actors play these real life people whose conversations were recorded, transcribed and then edited to create a script.

Each performance invites the audience members to join the stage and participate in a long table where they can engage in difficult conversations about current events that affect communities.

The Assembly is part of a long-term documentary theatre project that will create new and specific content for each touring city.

This first Assembly premiered at Crow’s Theatre in Toronto (Oct 25-Nov 3, 2018), followed by a week-long run at Théâtre ESPACE GO (Nov 10-17, 2018) in Montreal.

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