Ben Verdery's newest project with hip-hop artist Billy Dean Thomas began in January 2015, culminating (for the moment) with the video Hoochie Coochie Man released December 27, 2015 (and part of Billy and Ben’s upcoming EP, Hooks and Books).

In April, 2015, posted: Colliding Stories: Musical Bridges by Ben & Billy
In his intro to the story producer Jay Allison wrote: In public media, we’ve been talking a lot about voice — about how to incorporate a wider range, so that many colors, variations, and styles (read: America) are afforded credibility, trust, and authority on the air. Plus, an eclectic sound like that will be more interesting, and even harmonious. Which brings us to Transom's World Premiere of “Colliding Stories: Musical Bridges” from hip hop artist Billy Dean and classical guitarist (and old friend) Ben Verdery. This work brings together the venerable with the new, black with white, youth with age. It’s beautiful and moving, and it’s a metaphor for the very collision, collaboration, and possibility in our broadcast future. Keep the conversation going.

Start Now and Black Bach shot and edited by Mitsuko Verdery.

Hoochie Coochie Man shot and edited by Frankie Turiano.

Read about the genesis of Billy & Ben's Hoochie Coochie Man

Billy Dean Thomas:
Ben Verdery:

Completing the 5 song EP set are Billy's Dollar and a Dream and Ben's Chant for Peace.

Ben Verdery – guitars, bass
Bill Dean Thomas – vocals, lyrics
Mark Martin - beat box/vocal percussionist

Ben Verdery – guitars
Bill Dean Thomas – vocals, lyrics
Jared Shonig – drums
Nano Stern – vocals