Benjamin Verdery A Montage of a Classical Guitarist

Hamilton Books has released Benjamin Verdery A Montage of a Classical Guitarist

This book honors the classical guitarist Benjamin Verdery, Professor at the Yale School of Music. It contains personal reflections from his friends and colleagues which illustrate several aspects of Professor Verdery: his influence on his peers, his students, and the classical guitar world; features of his musical career; and characteristics of his personality. In addition, there is an extensive essay by Professor Verdery himself in which he presents his thoughts and ideas on such musical endeavors as performing, composing, arranging, teaching, and recording. Rounding out the book are listings of his compositions, a discography, online video and audio files, recital programs, publications, and related websites.

Edited by Thomas Donahue
Thomas Donahue is the author of several books on musicological subjects, including the modern classical organ, musical temperament, the stringing of harpsichords, and a style guide for writing about music. He has also edited books honoring Gerhard Brunzema, Anthony Newman, Peter Williams, and Christopher Hogwood.