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Nano Stern on Chilean musical heritage and the revolutionary act of kindness


Chile's Nano Stern ... wears not just his heart but his social conscience on his sleeve

ABC Adelaide  TV interview
Nano Stern joins Sonya Feldhoff live at WOMADelaide with an acoustic performance.

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Chilean musical activist Nano Stern gets his audience into the show from the beginning, as he encourages one and all to clap, wave their hands and sing along. 

The trio perform an engaging set, no mean feat where the potent messages contained in Stern's lyrics are potentially lost on a largely English-speaking crowd. The passion is still evident in the music however, and is augmented by Stern's introductions. Everybody seems to get it. 

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The long-haired Chilean folk star continued to serve food for thought in his afternoon performance, where he spoke against the genocide of his country's indigenous people as well as the treatment of refugees in Australia's offshore detention centres (he read out an impassioned statement from a refugee on Manus Island). But ultimately, he said, he was just there to make us happy.

"When you go home [after Womadelaide] and look in the mirror - with the dirt on your face and feathers in your hair - if you see someone happier than the person who came to the festival, we have done our job."

25 April: Chicago, IL
28 April: Stanford, CA
30 April: Providence, RI
4 May: New York, NY
6 May: Boston, MA

Progressing into his next phase, Nano is about to release a stunning rock EP, Lucero, recorded by Tony Platt (UK producer having worked with AC/DC, Bob Marley) and produced by Nano and Tony.. 

Although this new rock feel will undoubtedly turn some new heads, Nano still maintains that multi-instrumental folk virtuosity that makes Nano Nano.

May 9-14
Mexico City, Toluca, Puebla