GAMI/Simonds Welcomes Back Paco Peña

We are most pleased and honored to have Paco Peña return to the GAMI/Simonds roster with his new show Esencias for the 2017-2018 season.

In 1966, Paco Peña moved to London and with his virtuosity and artistry soon made a name for himself as a solo guitarist in a city that was gripped by Jimi Hendrix mania. Despite his rapid success as a soloist, he did not wait long to found a flamenco company, and that first show in 1970, with just a handful of performers, struck the path that has led to Patrias (2014), his last and most ambitious one to date.

Following the inspirational complexity explored in the preparation of Patrias, Peña has decided for his next project to return to the fascinating times, all those years ago, when the urgent challenge was to search for the potential of the guitar alone transmitting the best qualities of the art of flamenco.

Esencias is about the music of flamenco.