Ben Verdery releases J.S. Bach Chaconne video

This past July and August guitarist/composer Ben Verdery recorded J.S. Bach's Chaconne and created this video on the island of Maui. The release is a celebrates the preservation of the Earth, Ocean and Sky.

Ben's Reflections of J.S. Bach's Masterpiece the Chaconne

I first heard the Chaconne performed by the great Hungarian violinist Alexander Schneider on Thanksgiving Day 1968. It was a private performance for a group of my parents’ friends. I remember it as if it were yesterday.

Alexander Schneider and my parents had several mutual friends. Because of this, John and Suzanne Verdery decided to throw a massive Thanksgiving Day feast. It was known throughout the land that if Suzanne Verdery were preparing any meal, you’d want to be on the guest list. Such was her reputation as an extraordinary chef and a fabulously generous hostess.

Sasha, as friends called him, agreed to not only attend but to grace us with a performance of the Bach Chaconne.

About 25 family and friends were invited. Educators, visual artists, and authors including Arthur Miller and his photographer wife Inge Morath and Thomas Messer (director of the Guggenheim Museum) made up this Thanksgiving Day gathering........................
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The Making of the J.S. Bach Chaconne - An Interpretation Celebrating the Preservation of the the Earth, Ocean and Sky

This was indeed a labor of love and perseverance with a little Buster Keaton thrown the full story

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Peace, love, guitars and a healthier planet!