CECILIA STRING QUARTET releases Mendelssohn Op. 44, Nos. 1, 2

Analekta Records (Canada) has released CSQ's latest CD - Mendelssohn Op. 44, Nos. 1, 2. (AN 2 9844)

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Regarded today as a major composer of the romantic era, Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847) played a role in the rediscovery of baroque music, primarily the works of Bach and Handel, which fell into oblivion after their deaths. Mendelssohn was one of the first composers of his period to renew the art of counterpoint, which would lead to him being considered at times as “the classical romantic.”

The three quartets of Opus 44 were begun in 1837 and completed the following year. The composer’s reputation at the time was rising dramatically. The oratorio Saint Paul had already earned him international recognition and he had headed Leipzig’s renowned Gewandhaus Orchestra since 1835.