GAMI/Simonds welcomes the Porte Parole Production SEEDS

Introducing to the GAMI/Simonds roster

Documentary Theatre Raising Awareness About One Of The Most Controversial Issues of Our Time. 
Centering on the 4-year legal showdown between biotech giant Monsanto and Saskatchewan farmer Percy Schmeiser, the highly-acclaimed, passionate docudrama   SEEDS leads us through a high-voltage labyrinth of political maneuvering, patent wars, and cash-fueled science. Quite simply, Seeds is about the food we eat. Thought-provoking and irreverent, this deft piece of theatrical storytelling is an intellectual and emotional tour de force. Learn More.

Porte Parole is a Montreal-based bilingual theatre company that creates and produces documentary theatre about important social issues.  Quoting citizens who are directly involved, their productions are meant to stimulate public debate and raise collective awareness while entertaining the audience with humor and intelligence. Read More.

Eric Peterson is dream casting for Schmeiser, cranky and scrappy. ...The whole is one of the most impressive docu-dramas I've seen. Robert Cushman, National Post