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Chile's Rebellious Roots Innovator Speaks Volumes Live


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The stars in social media have a special charm. They have not invested huge sums of money and their personal marketing campaigns are based on two factors: the talent of their creations and the uploading of their videos on YouTube. Why? We analyze three cases.

We don’t know why someone becomes a star, but logic indicates that there must be talent and/or some element that plays in their favor and can trigger a reaction from the audience via humor, sensibility, solidarity or surprise.

That being the case, it is not difficult to assign one of these characteristics to the following artists:

Justin Bieber
Lana del Rey
Nano Stern

The case of the Chilean Nano Stern is emblematic. Associated with the "third generation of author/singers”, his music has recently been played by some stations in Chile. A relentless traveler and known in several continents, his recitals  are filled with fans that follow him on social networks and know every breath in every song. To look for the original of this well known song – that we are sharing with you [see clip with article] - is an impossible task due to the multitude of uploads of live performances and the covers that fans make to accompany the song. We will not speak about what he [Nano] makes, that is “harina de otro costal (that’s a different kettle of fish), but we will about the talent of this national multi-instrumentalist that is not even 30 years old, has a manager in every continent and charms old and young. A source of great pride for us and a great case of musical success thanks to social networks (and his undeniable talent).



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