Cecilia String Quartet Featured in Recent Beethoven String Quartet Marathon

Following their performance in Troy, NY, the Cecilia String Quartet headed south for the day-long Beethoven String Quartet Marathon at The Jerome L. Greene Performance Space in New York City. The concert, which took place on Sunday, November 18, was also webcast live on WQXR.org and broadcasted on WQXR. Cecilia String Quartet performed Quartet No. 8 in E minor,  Op. 59, No. 2. Watch their performance (scroll down to Program 4).

On what Beethoven's music means to her today, CSQ cellist Rachel Desoer remarked:

Now that string quartet is my life's devotion, I consider Beethoven's quartets the 'scripture' of our art form. I love his other music as well but I will never know it as intimately as I will the quartets. Everything about how a quartet works, everything it can possibly express, all the skills we need to learn are contained in these works. We just choose a perspective from which to dive in each day.

The marathon celebrated Beethoven Awareness Month, and featured other notable string quartets throughout the 12 hour marathon (10am-10pm). More information