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There is always one artist that I feel particularly drawn to, and that weekend it was Nano Stern.
The thing about Nano Stern is that he doesn’t shout his proclamations. Quite the opposite, he simply speaks with sincerity and I think that’s what translates and makes him so magnetic. The people of Chile are lucky to have a man like that in their midst.

Nano Stern is Chile’s Newest Folk-Loving Musical Hero
Gutavo Arellano’s Weekly (2019)

Nano Stern: Bringing the House Down
World Music Report (excerpt), Toronto, ON Canada

Monday’s man, for my money, was unquestionably Nano Stern, who had made an interstate dash from the Port Fairy Folk Festival, to renew his acquaintance with WOMADelaide. The cherubic and charismatic Chilean singer-songwriter, assisted by two long-time amigos, had a packed throng in thrall from the get-go with his passion, panache and well-directed political pronouncements. At one stage he changed an errant guitar lead in the blink of an eye.
Rhythms Music Magazine, Womadelaide 2018, Tony Hillier

For Baez and Friends, Celebrating a Birthday With Concern for the Future
New York Time (2016)

The charisma and talent of the musician reaches a peak within the show, and the audience is totally immersed in the experience. 
Rock Axis, Teatro Nescafé (2014)

Fernando Daniel Stern Britzmann, aka Nano Stern, showed why he is one of the leading exponents of a new generation of Chilean “canto popular” singers-songwriters. 
Santiago Times, Lollapalooza (2014)

New Internationalist Australia (2018)
Rockaxis, Caupolicán (2014)
Rock Axis, Caupolicán (2013)
The Australian (2011)