Teoría De Cuerdas

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© 2014 Inti-Illimani
36th studio album
Recorded at Estudio del Sur September 30-October 9, 2014.
Guests: accordionist Inti González, Argentine singer Raly Barrionuevo, Ecuadorian musician Max Berrú, founding member of Inti-Illimani, and Isabel Parra, who sings Volver a los 17composed by her mother Violeta with a new version, all displayed in a gallery of Latin American rhythms.
For the CD launch Inti-Illimani presented two concerts in Santiago at the Nescafé Theatre Arts, a concert at the Municipal Theater of Valparaiso and a concert at the Teatro Regional del Maule in Talca. The launch of the CD on November 13, 2014 coincided with the broadcast of Inti’s appearance on Argentina radio program
Encuentro en el estudio (Encounter in the studio), recorded September 24 at the legendary ION studios Buenos Aires, marking an important milestone in the 48 year history of the group.

Selected tracks