Inti-Illimani Personnel

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Daniel Cantillana

violin, bass, zampona, viola, mandolin, vocals
member since 1996


Jorge Coulon

guitar, tiple, rondador, zampona, hammered dulcimer, harp, vocals
founded Inti-Illimani 1967


Marcelo Coulon

guitar, quena, piccolo, flute, bass, vocals
member since 1973


Juan Flores

bass, cajon, cuatro, charango, quena, guitar, mandolin, sikus, vocals
member since 2002


Christian González

flutes, piccolo, quena, sikus, cajon, bass, vocals
member since 2001


César Jara

guitar, tiple, bass, charango, vocals
member since 2005


Manuel Meriño

musical director, guitar, tiple, bass, vocals member since 2000


Efren Viera

congas, bongo, cajon, timbales and other latin percussion, clarinet, saxophone, vocals
member since 1994


The Inti Crew

Neftalí Oyarzún - sound engineer
Gabriel Vásquez - stage manager
Piero Cremaschi - technical producer, sound engineer