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Benjamin Verdery and beatbox master Mark Martin team up for Ben’s composition From Aristotle (2016).

Notes from Ben………

From Aristotle is a four-movement work performed attacca. The text is taken from Aristotle’s book on Linguistics. It is co-composed by mixed vocal artist Mark Martin and myself.
Mark and I tried to create music we felt best related to the text.
The Piece invites the listener to take a short sonic journey which includes sounds of nature, east Indian rhythms, Tuvan throat singing, lyrical vocal passages, parallel drum and guitar lines, and an extended Beat Box solo leading to the concluding baroque/ gospel guitar lament.

From Aristotle represents one of the more unique and exhilarating collaborations of my career.
It was written in 2015-2016 and premiered In January 2016.

From Aristotle (2015–16) with Mark Martin, mixed vocals

a. The Poet Being an Imitator
things as they were or are, things as they are said or thought to be, or things as they ought to be

b. A Noun
A Noun is a composite significant sound, not marking time, of which no part is in itself significant

c. A Verb
A Verb is a composite significant sound, marking time,
in which, as in the noun, no part is in itself significant. For ‘man’ or ‘white’ does not express the idea of ‘when’; but ‘he walks’ or ‘he has walked’ does connote time, present or past

d. The Wineless Cup